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Recently updated albums (7 days)

Photo albums
PenWAG Fashion Show, 11 May 2002 (88 Photos)
88 photos taken by Christine Eichin - reduced to 4.5 x 6 ". Please e-mail if you would like a picture in the original size 16 x 22 " (1200 x 1600 pixels) or anywhere in between:

Schoofsocken (1 Photos)
Man nehme ein Paar Socken und appliziere ein Schoof aus Stoff ausgeschnitten.

antique sewing machine (2 Photos)
sewing machines

Patchwork (8 Photos)
Just some blocks made from scrapts of fabric

The Academy of fine Sewing & Design (2 Photos)

handknit, handpainted embroidery (3 Photos)
handpainted silk flowers that I used in the embroidery for this handknit sweater.also added beading and gold highlights

Barb"s Peyote Instructions (0 Photos)

monette fit ? (2 Photos)
photos of bodice sloper

--- (0 Photos)

kathleen (6 Photos)

Jackie's Desighns
Jackie's Desighns (3 Photos)
I make one of a kind handbags

Denim Jacket (3 Photos)
This is a purchased denim jacket however it has given me inspiration to try these techniques on purses and perhaps a vest.

PenWag - Meeting Photos, January 2003 (12 Photos)
Photos of the garments shared by members at our January 2003 meeting.

PenWag - Meeting Photos, February 2003 (4 Photos)
Garments from our February meeting. Due to some unexpected technical difficulties, only a few of the photos have been posted. We'll try to resolve the problem soon.

PenWag - Meeting photos, March 2003 (20 Photos)
People and garments at the March 2003 meeting of the Peninsula Wearable Art Group

PenWag - Meeting Photos, April 2003 (26 Photos)
Photos from our April 2003 meeting, including our monthly show 'n tell of wearable art.

Purse to go with summer clothes (2 Photos)
Here's the purse to go with the black & pink outfit.

Wedding Gown (6 Photos)
Here are some pictures of the gowns and dress I made for my granddaughter's wedding: 1 wedding gown, 2 flower girl gowns, 1 jr. Bridesmaid dress and, my outfit. I don't have a good picture of my outfit but you can get an idea of the colors and fabric I used (rayon batik). The top is the Angle Top by Kayla Kennington and the skirt is the Taos skirt by Diane Erickson.

Evie Rose (0 Photos)
These are pictures of one of my new GGD, Evie Rose and, the first little dress I made her. I'm just learning heirloom sewing and I'm not good at it and may never be good at it. I recently lost most of the vision in my left eye and I'm still trying to deal with that and find 'work-arounds' to help me.

quilt for church (1 Photos)
These are just 2 of the blocks - there is a total of 7. It will also include pieced blocks. I'll post more pictures as it nears completion.

Faux fur jacket and purse (2 Photos)
My latest creations.

Easter outfit and Capris set (5 Photos)
The fish are from OESD's Crafter's Collection Fish Follies by Nancy H. Barrett. These are ITH applique, quick and easy to do and so much fun. Then I added glitter and crystals. The design on the sweater is from OESD's Animal Instincts collection. I stitched it on a piece of the same silk I used for the purse and, machine appliqued it to the sweater. The purse is one of my own design. I just happened to have the black & white leopard pin that I stuck on at the last minute.

Millie's Needle Felting (4 Photos)
My first attempts at needle felting.

Summer clothes (5 Photos)
The teal jacket pattern is from Simplicity, the black batik jacket is the Raglan Topper from Brensan Studios and, the pant pattern is Click & Sew No Sideseam Pant. The black batik is fabric I purchased when in Arizona last summer and is from Bold Over Batiks - I just love their fabrics.

wearable art (0 Photos)
I use raw edge appliqué, watersoluble fabric and lately needlefelting

Sandi's Kimono Share (0 Photos)
Sandi's Kimono Share

Hand painted fabric in Jacket (12 Photos)
Pattern created in Pattern Master Boutique Software, Fabric hand painted in three different patterns. Pattern inspiration from Vogue 2283--just redid based on observations, do not own pattern.

Priscilla Kibbee Wearable Art (0 Photos)
Photos of my "I'll Meet You at the Opera" dress and coat which won Best of Show at the Wearable Art Conference, Santa Fe in 1999. Photos of my outfit "Lhasa in My Dreams" from the 200-2001 Fairfield Fashion Show.

Robin Alcorn's Painted Fabrics (8 Photos)
Various techniques were used to create fabrics for wearable art.

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