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Recently updated albums (7 days)

Photo albums
DG's Sewing Machines (9 Photos)
These are some of the sewing machines I own. The 66-1 is 'Belle' - my Grandmother's treadle. The 66 Redeye is 'Red', my first restoration. The 28 handcrank is 'Rose'. The 201 is 'Hester' & the 15-30 circa 1908 hasn't yet told me her name, but she loves to sew. I haven't yet restored the little 24, but I WILL!

Mama's Quilts (2 Photos)
pictures of the quilts my dear Mama (grandmother) made for me.

Rare painted Iron Work (3 Photos)
Haven't seen any other like this. All the metal inside this Singer model 21 parlor cabinet machine is faux painted to look like the oak the cabinet is made of. Any ideas as to how many were made this way?

Anita's W&W9 (3 Photos)
photos of Wheeler & Wilson D-9 Treadle

ANS' STUFF (9 Photos)

UK Calender Singer Photo (1 Photos)
One of the local Celebrity Magazines ran a "Celeb Calendar Boys" Pull Out. I just thought the ladies of Treadleon might get a kick out of the Feburary Singer 99K pic ( oh and the near naked guy too )

Need help dating Sterling Treadle Machine (12 Photos)
Need some help identifying / dating this machine it was my grandmothers and I would like to restore it,
and find the manuals for it if possible. It has a number on the removable plate above the bobbin 2948583.
Thank You for your assistance :-)

Belmont (3 Photos)
My in-laws bought this Belmont Sewing Machine, and we want to know more about it.

Philadelphia High Arm (1 Photos)
Claimed to be manufactured by the "C.A. Wood SM Co."

Eldredge E (4 Photos)

White FR treadle (4 Photos)
This is my first treadle - a 1918 White Family Rotary. I got it to use the cabinet for a new machine, but once I got it I was hooked.

Seattle TOGA 2004 (0 Photos)
Here are my pictures from this year's Seattle TOGA (and my first TOGA ever)

Wheeler & Wilson (4 Photos)
I'm starting to clean it up

CabinQuilter (5 Photos)
Studio Photos

Wheeler & Wilson #9 hancrank (#2) (4 Photos)
Vicki's second Wheeler & Wilson #9 handcrank.....and her 3rd Wheeler & Wilson machine (she has a treadle too)

California Doll's general album (1 Photos)
Just where I post pics of machines when I want to inquire about something concerning one.

Domestic Head (2 Photos)
Pictures of the Domestic treadle head I got on freecycle and hope to return to a useful life.

Treadleon CatJones (1 Photos)
National TOBE Block Sample

Cindi's Treadles (8 Photos)

Cindy T. in MN (1 Photos)

CWD TOGA (8 Photos)
Photos from the Central Wisconsin Dells TOGA

CindyB. (10 Photos)
Cindy's vintage machines

Cheryl in CT - Misc (1 Photos)

People Powered Machines (4 Photos)
Treadle Sewing Machines

Sewing machines (2 Photos)
my collection

Donna's singer 27 (4 Photos)
photos of my first treadle refinish

Singer Red eye (4 Photos)
My "new" machine after cleaning and restoring the finish.

Cassandra's Treadles (4 Photos)

Elaine's Eldredge Improved No. 3 (8 Photos)
Eldredge Improved No. 3, newly acquired and definitely not a thing done to "improve" it !

New Imperial (7 Photos)
Hand Crank by New Home (from what I was told by the seller) Serial Number is 2256618. Looking for a manuel and attachments for the machine. Can anyone give more information regarding if this was made by the New Home sewing machine Co?

Singer G4940444 (0 Photos)
This singer was a gift from my friend Kim, I have named it after her father James Edward III who use to sew on the machine when Kim was a little girl. The machine is a red eye 66 in a parlor cabinet #22 and is in prestine condition.

Cathy's Treadle (4 Photos)
Is this irrepairable?

sewing machine (0 Photos)
New Century Ace Tredle
I have this tredle and cannot find any info on this model it goes well and is in good condition
I reside in Australia

Nancy's Machines (4 Photos)
Nancy Biggs is trying to identify and date (approximate?) these machines

Sparkle's Stuff (12 Photos)

Nelson Rotary Shuttle Sewing Machine (11 Photos)
A friend of mine has this Nelson Rotary Shuttle Sewing Machine (I assume that is the machine's title, as it says Nelson on the machine itself and the manual says, "Rotary Shuttle Sewing Machine"). I found a place that says, "Nelson Sewing Machine Company Cleveland, Ohio USA." Then I found a small plate with "1237914" on it and yet another plate that lists a lot of patent dates in the 1800s. It is a treadle in a very nice cabinet (some minor veneer damage to the cabinet). The machine works lovely, has an original box of attachments and its manual with it, all in excellent condition. The trouble is that I have not been able to find one place that ever mentions a Nelson sewing machine, nor seen a picture of one that looks like it. When one opens the cabinet top, the machine automatically rises to its position. The machine is painted black with a lot of gold design also painted on. I am not a sewing machine collector, and I know very little about them. Can anyone tell me anything about this machine? Was it perhaps just a local name for a larger manufacturer (badge or whatever they call it?) or what can you tell me? If it was a local name, who would the larger manufacturer be? I also would like a date for the machine if possible. I have no idea. Thank you so kindly. I am attaching eleven photos to hopefully help in its identification and history.

Vintage Viking (0 Photos)
Viking Machine I have for sale

TOBE (81 Photos)
2003 Treadle On Block Exchange

Frankentreadle (6 Photos)
Kate's Kenmore Konversion

Industrial Davis VF (5 Photos)
KAte's BIG Davis VF

Leather machines (7 Photos)
Kate's leather stitchers, including MISTER LAndis

Horse Treadle (2 Photos)
Look in the background at the little table the judges were given to use!

Kids can sew (6 Photos)
Pictures from class

Domestic Vibrator Treadle (6 Photos)
Domestic Vibrator Treadle sewing machine circa 1910 (?) King class (?) serial # 603007

Cheryl's Stuff (5 Photos)
Can you identify these drawers?

if2linda's pictures (2 Photos)
Shuttle for Singer High Arm (?) next to Singer 12 boat shuttle

Lisa's Triple Star Top (2 Photos)
Here is the top pieced together.

Minnesota A (0 Photos)

--- (0 Photos)

Jenny's Notable Machines & Quilts (2 Photos)

More Florida TOGA 2004 (0 Photos)

Saucy Senorita (3 Photos)
Another pattern utilizing handkerchiefs.

Judy's SM Collection (10 Photos)
Here are the machines I've collected so far. If anyone has a White Rotary treadle foot pedal to complete my cabinet, please contact me.

New Ideal (5 Photos)
Restoration of the New Ideal rust bucket

Threading Information (11 Photos)

WindyCindy (9 Photos)
W+W puzzle

MontgomeryWardTreadle (4 Photos)
Montgomery Ward & Co Improved High Arm Treadle. Patented Nov 30, 1886. Serial #48404. Anyone know who made it for Montgomery Ward? Any Manuals?

Kate in NC
NonPareil Treadle in Oak Cabinet (9 Photos)
Found this last week! It's my first treadle. I'm trying to figure out who made it still. Of course any help identifying it would be great.

It's very similar to one on Ami Simms blog. The two machines looks alike, including the design on the decals. Only the name is different. (You can see hers at http://amisimms.wordpress.com/2010/10/24/i-bought-another-sewing-machine/)

Kiwi Singer 66
Kiwi Singer 66 D series (6 Photos)
My poor wee beastie in need of TLC

Kitty's Machines (15 Photos)

kitty longo (0 Photos)

Domestic No.3 Sewing Machine (17 Photos)
Domestic No.3 sewing machine

Kathy T (0 Photos)
Treadle finds

Lee Ann Hamm's Photos (3 Photos)
Photos of:

Featherweight Walking Foot (3 Photos)
These are pictures of the walking foot I just got, that fits my Singer treadles.

New 1888 Home for Ladies (36 Photos)
Pictures of our 1888 Italiante Victorian Home in Oakland, Oregon - Pictures of some of "The Ladies" aka my favorite machines

Sewing Machine Information (6 Photos)
This is a old treadle machine, I am looking for some information on it, it is dated on the bobbin cover Nov. 30 1886. serial #1194609, I am looking for an actual date and how rare it is?

if2linda's album (2 Photos)
machines and quilts

Wheeler Wilson Treadle No 4 - 1868 (6 Photos)
Here are the before and after photos of "Annie" my latest addition.

Luvy1 (3 Photos)
Sewing Machines

2005 Turlock TOGA (13 Photos)
Held at Cindy Koistra's shop Cloth & Quilts at 625 E. Main Street

2002 Seattle TOGA (13 Photos)

2004 Seattle TOGA (15 Photos)

Treadle Lady (15 Photos)
Email at donnakohler.com

Singers (4 Photos)
These are my first two treadles, brought home by my extremely supportive husband from yard sales (the machines, not my husband).

Philada. High Arm Singer (2 Photos)

Evaporust (2 Photos)
Example of how well it works

Marie Pintar (2 Photos)
A few of my machines and quilts

MaryH (7 Photos)

Marilyn Hale's photos (9 Photos)
Interesting, early Singer IF head that has been refurbished.

Mona's Machines (9 Photos)
Machines I am seeking information on.

Madeleine's Cat Quilt (1 Photos)
My first attempt at quilting. This is the quilt Judy Mason from Alturas helped me make when she visited us in Australia in April 2005. It was made on a VS White treadle called "Mrs White".

Singer Big Wheel (3 Photos)
Singer plain cabinet with 15" Wheel

Renee's Only1 (2 Photos)
"Amazon" Treadle in Cabinet - cannot find ANY information on this brand. Beautiful gold/red scrollwork with a dragon design on bed. Resembles a Singer machine in Cabinet #3; however, no Singer or any other identifiable marks except S/N 1861835 under face plate.

Trina's White Rotary (1 Photos)
A white rotary cabinet in need of restoration or replacement

Pat's treadle - ID help (4 Photos)
posting a pix of both machine and cabinet - members have already been a big help!

Singer No. 66 (2 Photos)
"New" treadle - singer No. 66 - any Singer experts we'd love to hear where to get supplies and what to work on first. We need a belt but everything else seems to function. Does it still need to be taken apart and cleaned?

Patchkat's Stuff (6 Photos)
Quilts, blocks, machines, kitties and whatever else comes to mind.

Peggy McBride (2 Photos)
Sewing Machines

Windy Cindy's Quilt (7 Photos)
Here are some pictures I snapped yesterday of Cindy's quilt, right after I finished it and right before I took it over to her house. Thanks so much to all the onions who contributed pictures, kind words, and moral support!

Ann K.'s Album (9 Photos)
Ann Knight's antique and vintage sewing machines.

Wheeler & Wilson 3 or 4? (2 Photos)
Narrrow, thin base. Like Eleanors #4

My Singer 12 treadle (3 Photos)
These are the pics from the auction when it was up on ebay. It didn't sell and it took me a year to negotiate with the seller to get it. But she even delivered it from 40 miles away!

my first treadle (3 Photos)
Picture of my model 15 treadle.

Domestic Handcrank (3 Photos)
Here is my "new " Domestic HC. Love the scalloped bottom and the gear driven HC and bobbin winder

Domestic-6 (7 Photos)
This is a motorized Domestic long shuttle sewing machine that I found in a place that I stopped to wait for an accident to clear. The traffic was horrible. I'm looking for the front shuttle plate and a new motor pulley. Help?? regmunsky@sbcglobal.net PS E

Domestic No.4 Family Treadle (16 Photos)
My 1st Domestic and yard sale find. Lady said it was her Grandmothers and she was able to use it. I however am lost and scared to touch it. NEEDS cleaning to see gold decals that ARE under that dirt. HELP! Can anyone help me use this?? regmunsky@sbcglobal

Improved Faultless (0 Photos)
sewing machine

free number 5 (1 Photos)
mechanism's and so forth ahhhhhhh

34,737 revolutions of a "Liz", a hand-crank 66 (7 Photos)
A King Size Jelly Roll quilt face.
rough size 140" Wide x 130" Long

UltraSuede endless binding (3 Photos)

Kids sewing (7 Photos)

Saildier (11 Photos)
Some past projects

Donna's Machines (5 Photos)

2005 Turlock Toga (26 Photos)
February 19, 2005

White VS Treadle (4 Photos)
I'm not sure what model this is but the slide plate has patent dates of 1872 to 1881. The serial # is 872543. It's in pretty poor condition but all the parts seem to be there and everything moves. I'm in the process of cleaning it so it's not all in one p

Household 5 1/2 - Sue Kelly (10 Photos)
My new obsession.

Skye Weber's Photos (11 Photos)
Machines, Quilts & Stuff

Cathy's new Willcox & Gibbs (5 Photos)
New to me Willcox & Gibbs. She looked "almost" like this when I picked her up. Anyone know what the "sharp thingies" are? Plus, her serical number is B549264 if anyone can help date her.

Cathy's Mystery Machine (3 Photos)
This one has me stumped! Take a look and see what you think. The bobbin assembly is strange and I can't figure out how to remove the bobbin. If you know what model this machine may be please let me know!!

TtT Block (3 Photos)
A couple of examples of my first quilt blocks.

Stefs Stuff (8 Photos)
I haven't figured out how to put my comments beneath the pictures, so...The first 2 are of my 15-91 e-machine. Next 2 are the 1880's Davis VF before we restored it. Obviously the next 2 are of the same 1880's Davis VF AFTER we restored it, but before my MIL got it for Christmas. Then there is my baby...Stella. My 1894 Stardard Rotary....what a girl she is.

Barbara's Place (10 Photos)
Old Sewing Machines, blocks, and other stuff

Chain Stitch Block Exchange (1 Photos)
Squares made on Chain Stitch Machine. Treadle or Handcrank

Unknown treadle (6 Photos)
Could someone please help me identify what make, model, and year of production for this treadle? Thanks.

Grandma's White VS (1 Photos)
Treadle with quilt made for DH by his grandma on this treadle!!

Un known cabinet (9 Photos)
6 drawers, opening is 17 1/2 cm front to back,37 1/2 cm left to right,23 cm inside pin to pin. I was told it might be an Elgin machine that was inside. It had a boat shuttle and it was long and skinny not a Singer. It never worked so I gave it to Goodwill. My mistake....Any help as to what I can put inside this cabinet would be great.

29 1/2 cm folded opening folds from the back down

My Treadles (4 Photos)
New Home 1920 -- My Grandma's

Susan B's Machines (6 Photos)

attachment exchange quilt (5 Photos)
made using the blocks from the first attachment exchange

Cheryl N. Wheeler Wilson No9 (7 Photos)
My WW9 before all the decals fell off in my hands boohoo

New Model (2 Photos)
my machine im trying to get up & running.

Montgomery Ward Cabinet (3 Photos)
The hole in the cabinet top is obviously missing the machine and the wood base it is fastened to. I need to know what the brackets and hinges looked like so I can repair this cabinet as close to original as possible. If anyone has this cabinet, please get in touch with me.

Quilt-A-Thon Event at Fort Hood to make quilts for families of Soldiers, from

99HandcrankConversion (10 Photos)
Handcrank conversion using the original

Lorraine's machines (7 Photos)

115 TracyaR (8 Photos)
Pictures of my new 115

Tracey S sewing machine pics (4 Photos)

Treadlethreads (0 Photos)
I will use this album to post pics of various machines, as they may come up in discussion.

Unknown National (3 Photos)

Weir Paw Foot (10 Photos)

Aetna (3 Photos)
Circa 1870 Aetna antique sewing machine

Virginia TOGA (10 Photos)
7 photos of VA TOGA plus 3 of the infamous Cattle Bridge

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