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Recently updated albums (7 days)

Photo albums
The Ball (3 Photos)
My grandmother gave me an old vibrating shuttle sewing machine. On one side it says "The Ball" and "Automatic" on the other. There is a number on the back shuttle slide. The number is 1040855P. Can anyone tell me who manufactured this machine!

'Favorite' treadle (0 Photos)
I need help in identifying this treadle sewing machine; it has a serial number 1061369 on the front slide plate, the bobbin shuttle has New Home on it as well as the Tucking attachment. In my research it looks very similar to the New Home Ruby and I think it might be missing some parts on the bobbin winder, I believe one part is loose with the attachments. Would like to put it back together and need help in finding parts. I downloaded an 'R' series manual from the Smithsonian site which seems to be similar to this machine.

New Home machine 1923-1925? (4 Photos)
I have recently been given my great-grandmother's sewing machine. I am thrilled to have it, and would love to know more about it. I have researched online, and I think I may have the brand, model and year manufactured, but I would love confirmation of this, because as I am inexperienced when it comes to vintage sewing machines I could have easily made an error.

I believe I have a New Home machine, Model 'U'-New National Class, Iron Based, possibly manufactured in 1923-1925.

There are NO identifying letters/numbers on the machine except a number '2' as shown in a photo I uploaded to the "ISMACS - Identification Project" album.

Any help would be appreciated!

C. Phillips

F.R.D.Liege (1 Photos)
I would love to know something about this machine. It was purchased in an antique shop in Germany in 1990 in a parlor cabinet made by Gebuwin. It is a treadle machine with an electric light, European plug in.

Dianna (1 Photos)
I need help to identify this machine.
This is a one owner machine, bought in Germany New in 1951, the serial on it is Z1041179,has Japan,Family Home Singer Sewing machine on it

ed kitson
Z serial number machine (7 Photos)
Singer? Z series serial number. Motor, lamp and foot pedal are singer, machine is not marked except lower face of slide plate (to left of throat plate) is stamped Japan. Possible unbadged post-war knock off? Manual received with machine was for Singer Model 115 but this is not a model 115 appears instead to be a 15-90. Thanks in advance!

Emma Phipps
'Kingston' sewing machine by Emma Phipps (7 Photos)
Recently inherited 'Kingston' Deluxe Precision sewing machine; was bought when new by family friend in America but label says 'Made in Japan'. Stamps on shafts underneath seem to indicate it was made by 'Brother'. Also has a tin box with it labelled 'Brother' containing many accessory feet. Am currently researching the machine, hoping to find a manual somewhere, and can't wait to start using it! Any advice welcome!

Eric's National? (0 Photos)
This is a machine I got from a moving sale. I have always wanted an older style so this is great. Now I would like to find out more about it.

mystery German ? machine (5 Photos)
does anyone have any ideas as to the maker of this machine serial number 3388610 please?

Western Electric (2 Photos)

W&W serial# 104812 (4 Photos)

Skyliner (3 Photos)
Pictures of our Skyliner machine as it was when we brought it

Rotative (1 Photos)
My daughter has been offered a Rotative French treadle which looks quite pretty. It has round bobbins. I can't find out anything about it on the internet and would like more information for my daughter.

Thanks for any help

Jacqui Bates

Do you have an operational machine like this? (1 Photos)
If anyone has an operational machine like this, could you email me? I would like to visit with you regarding some of the mechanical workings of this machine.



The Denver (1 Photos)
Please find attached a picture of "The Denver" sewing machine.

I am trying to hunt down a manual.

thank you


German Singer (7 Photos)

new home (2 Photos)
Two pictures of my newly acquired machine. I have found the manual, but am not sure whether my friend will find the treadle as she unpacks. What is confusing to me, and the original reason for my post in the digest is the "made in West Germany" emblem on the machine. (bottom right) I have been able to find no info on this for a New Home.
Also-can someone tell me where the serial number is? I have looked everywhere! There was a small piece of paper with the machine that has a rubbing on it of : 7677737. I guess this is it? I would like to date it, know more about the West Germany emblem and perhaps (remotely) find a treadle?

Who made this ISMAK sewing machine (2 Photos)

Industrial identity needed (2 Photos)
Can not find any markings to identify this old industrial machine. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

patcher identity needed please (3 Photos)

Sherrie's Davis VF & "Improved Nonpareil (2 Photos)
The glaze on the surface of my Davis vertical feed head is "crinkled". That is how it was when I bought it. Can I coat it with something to get a smooth finish again and preserve the original decals without harming them?

Also a question for you info gatherers. I am still trying to identity my "Improved Nonpareil".
It looks very much like the pictures I have seen of an "Improved Eldredge B". There is a #, possibly the SN on the machine under the front needle plate. It is 15999 19. There does appear to be a purposeful space in the sequence. I would like to identify, date, and then try and get an instruction book (or copy of one). Anyone out there have info on this machine? Thank you. Sherrie

unity (3 Photos)
I am trying to obtain more information about an old treadle sewing machine called Unity, which I have been able to confirm as being a National Sewing Machine product.

victor delux (5 Photos)

another mystery cabinet (1 Photos)

Pfaff 130 cabinet ID (3 Photos)

Victa (4 Photos)

Singer 24 (2 Photos)

Crown (3 Photos)

decora posten (7 Photos)
Here are pictures of the sewing machine I posted about last week. It was my great grandmothers, and I understand she bought it in 1889.


where does this Wilson part go please? (1 Photos)
please reply to ismacs digest

howe date needed (1 Photos)
I have a Howe M. Co. treadle sewing machine and want to find out when it was
made and if I can get a manual for it. Can anyone help?

Japanese Singer (3 Photos)
These photos are to try and identify this Singer 675U(3?). The s/n is 921388 and dates from late 50s to mid 60s (???) Any help or thoughts are appreciated. These also go along with my post to the digest (dated 6/14/2011

Elwess sewing machine (4 Photos)
Hoping someone can help me out with any information on the history of this machine and or manufacturer. I am pretty sure it is by the Eldredge Co., which I believe merged together with June Mfg Co, which then became the National Sewing Machine Co. Other than that, I am looking for help. Thank you

Piedmont (4 Photos)

opel simplex (5 Photos)

Gritzner (5 Photos)
Iam looking for information on this machine possibly a manual or information on how to thread the machine and also I require a Shuttle I have several bobbins that came with it but no Shuttle.

Oxford (1 Photos)

Modena hand crank sewing (4 Photos)

Gold Medal (3 Photos)

Jolson (6 Photos)

Apartment (3 Photos)

Singer 7-33 (3 Photos)

mystery coffin top (2 Photos)
I have an old coffin top to a sewing machine, but I can't identify the name on the front. I'm sending several pictures of it, and would appreciate the help anyone could give me. I think it is German, but again, I'm just not sure.

Brenda Hickman

Kochs Adler AG Bielefeld Industrial Sewing Machine (5 Photos)
I am a novice sewer who has acquired a very nice older industrial machine. I am looking for a manual for this machine, and any information about its history. All I could find was reference to 1990: Dürkoppwerke and Kochs Adler merge to form Dürkopp Adler AG.

is this part of a treadle stand? (1 Photos)

All Saints window displays (2 Photos)
Allsaints is a large chain of dress shops that uses sewing machines as their 'house' decoration. Hundreds of them, piled high in the windows and throughout the shops. There are many branches in the UK and, I believe, worldwide. The machines are varied - I saw an interesting early post-bed industrial in one shop. I also believe that the man who supplies the machines is still looking for more. Black cast iron/aluminium (not modern plastic) "UK£15 - in any condition, working or not..."

Information from article in ISMACS News #102, (March, 2011).

Singer 12 (4 Photos)

W&W slide plate ID (1 Photos)
Attached is an image of two plates. The top plate is from a W&W #9. The bottom plate is from a collection I have which appears to be a W&W as well, but with some obvious differences. The bottom plate does not use a plate spring (no threaded holes). It has tapered ends, with one end notched and I believe serves as the tension "spring" to secure the plate.

I would just like someone to give me some idea of the Make/Model machine this plate is/was intended for.

Regal sewing machine (3 Photos)

S.L. & C.-B. (1 Photos)
I can't identify this machine. Can anyone help me? I have been to all of my local libraries and still no luck. HELP!

Grandma Nicodemus' machine (14 Photos)
My Grandmother just recently passed away and I have inherited her mystery machine. My Dad says it has been around since at least the 40's. It is electric and I originally thought it was a Standard, because it says "Standard Deluxe" on the front and back of the machine. Everywhere else I look I find "Brother" on the machine. On The two chrome plates there is an "N" and a "B" . The Serial number is A79939. It is actually a very dark green when viewed in the right light. I also have pictures of the stand, but unfortunately, my Grandfather loved to paint things and I am currently stripping it back to the wood. After searching the internet far and wide, I am just hoping someone can help me identify this machine. Thankfully, my other Grandma's machine is a Singer and I know I'll be able to identify it when it becomes mine. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

1900 Singer 15-30 (3 Photos)
We have recently purchased this machine but there are parts missing underneath. Does anyone know if it is just the bobin case that is missing or are there more parts missing? Thanks in advance for any tips.

Karin's machines (4 Photos)
The Merrell

Singer 401? throat plate?? (2 Photos)
Wondering about these parts. They came with a Singer 401 machine, but I'm guessing that they are for something else. My research suggests perhaps a later-model machine, perhaps a zigzag function? The throat plate is part #21913, the round plate is part #21808, the bracket is part #21909, and the squarish thing has no number. Anyone know what these are?

New Century Ace Treadle (4 Photos)
I have this old treadle machine and i can't find any history for it. Serial number is 57707. It has New Century Ace printed across the arm and Mde In USA stamped on the front. Can anyone help me get any history for this beautiful old machine? Thanks, Trac

Debbie's Mystery Wrench (3 Photos)
I found this small wrench in some attachments. I believe it is used to set a new sewing machine needle, but which machine? Numbers on the wrench are 225486. Thanks

Miss April
Miss April's Machines (5 Photos)
Photos of the Harris "A".

sewing cabinet help!! (6 Photos)
recently bought this cabinet with out the machine would like to know what one in came with and who made the cabinet. i will be modifying it to fit my new machine and would like some advice on that.

Dorina 18, trying to put an age to it (1 Photos)
I got this machine through my local freecycle and love it.It is really heavy but sews like a dream.What i`d like is to find out its age and a little about it.
All we know it was made for Pfaff by the dorina sewing machine company in karisruhe, germany.
Thanks Val

MySinger12 (5 Photos)
Pictures of my Singer 12 resto project

1906 Singer (3 Photos)
I am trying to work out what model this treadle machine is... It has the number H891259 which I think means it was made in 1906 - it looks like it was then converted to power. The cabinet looks like a model 5 looking at the pictures on the ISMACs website. Any help much appreciated!

Unknown Japanese Machine (5 Photos)
HELP! My husband says I have to trash this machine unless I can get some info on it. It says "Made in Japan" on the front and has CAT...INA (where ... is rubbed off) on the head of the machine.

Steve's broken cabinet (5 Photos)
These are photos of my grandmother's machine, which I am in the beginning stages of restoring. As you can see, the oak veneer cabinet houses a Minnesota Model S machine. I would appreciate any help I can get re: locating replacement drawers for the right side of the cabinet. At this point, I think that I can make the other repairs necessary to restore this "family heirloom." The machine itself needs to be cleaned, but appears to be in working order. Thanks for your help.

Sewing Machine (6 Photos)
Hi i'm Toader Szilard from Romania ind i' would like some information about this sewing machine if anyone can help me.I send you a few pictures, i hope they will help identify the manufacturer.Unfortunetaly the only inscription i found on the sewing machine is this "The New Shuttle Sewing Machine".Thank you all.

Mystery Singer Treadle (4 Photos)
I am trying to identify the model number of an old Singer Treadle machine in a parlor cabinet. The S/N is 3132279 with no model number on the head. I will attach photo to help. Thanks for any help that can be given.

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