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Recently updated albums (7 days)

Photo albums
Azkat SMs (7 Photos)
National Rotary A (badged)in parlor cabinet 1912

Singer Red Eye (0 Photos)
1917 Singer 66-1 Oscillating Hook in oak cabinet

Singer W487498 (1 Photos)
I inherited this machine from my husband's Italian grandparents. They were shoemakers and I think it's a leather working machine. Does anyone know where I can find a manual?? thanks, Rebecca

June Mfg. Co. "Improved Singer" (7 Photos)
I purchased this machine in July of 2004 in Mount Vernon, Washington. It was manufactured by The June Mfg. Co. ,Chicago, Ill. U.S.A., sometime in the early 1880's. When I first purchased the machine, I believed it to be a true "Singer" machine, with an odd set of treadle irons.
When I began to clean the machine and it's cabinet up, I discovered that it wasn't a Singer machine after all, but rather a 'clone'. I first noticed the wording on the brass? badge, and then the "J.Mfg.Co." in smaller letters under the large "Singer" name on the treadle irons.
I can only say that I must have been 'fooled' by the brass? badging when I first spotted the machine, along with the name "Singer" being blatantly displayed on the treadle irons.
Obviously, this was one time that I didn't mind being 'fooled' on a purchase!

Manchester Treadle (0 Photos)

Mystery Item Identified (2 Photos)
Attachment for Wheeler & Wilson #8

Ben Hur Treadle - no serial number (7 Photos)
Please email me if you can tell me anything about this machine. bwatson200@comcast.net

Rockford M13482 (6 Photos)
Please email me if you can tell me anything about this machine. bwatson200@comcast.net

Wheeler & Wilson No. 8 - serial number 39414 (3 Photos)
Thanks to my new friend Mike Totten, I now know that my WW8 was made probably 1876 or 1877 in Bridgeport, Conn. This machine is missing a drawer stack and door possibly a side stack. bwatson200@comcast.net.

My Mystery Hand Crank (6 Photos)
This lovely machine has the white porcelain handle and MOP common to German hand cranks but has a different bobbin winder. The only number I can find is 632810 on the inside cover plate. The decorations include an unusual geometric pattern. Any ideas?

ChrisFNQ (2 Photos)
Singer No 66K and Drawing Board Cabinet 198

Packard (2 Photos)
Packard - Made in Occupied Japan - Appears to be a Singer that was imported and labeled in the US.

Help identify 1800's German sewing machine. (9 Photos)
Hello everyone. I am new here so help me if I mess up. I spotted this sewing machine at an up-coming local auction. Here are a few photos. Any idea when it was made? Is it complete or missing parts? email to me at (craigf at LL dot net).

Viking Husquevarna Light Industrial (3 Photos)
This Viking Zig-Zag machine is the same size and general shape as a Singer Class 15 or 66 machine.

seidel&naumann (3 Photos)
identify my sewing machine.I send you a picture with my sewing machine maybe you can help me identify it.I have a few information about it: SEIDEL&NAUMANN,serial number:2527505 in front of this number i see a sign that looks like a letter T or F i'm not s

Dee's Machines (0 Photos)
Standard Rotary Deluxe Electric Sewing Machine & Doutone Louis XVI De Luxe Model Cabinet

Standard Rotary & Louis XVI cabinet (40 Photos)
Help with a Standard Rotary Deluxe Electric Sewing Machine & its Duotone Louis XVI De Luxe Model table

Dee's Machine....more info (22 Photos)

Danielle's machines (0 Photos)
I have 4 old sewing machines, a 1911 singer 15 treadle and hand crank. A 1927 singer 66 with an electric motor. An unbadged machine I think is a Helvetia VS but can't find out much more about it and a Husqvarna Freja transverse shuttle again that I can't find much about.

singer engine ? (1 Photos)
this is a small gas engine which when i bought it was told it was made by singer the flywheel is 8 1/2 inches in diameter and it's 18 inches long any information would be welcome thanks.

!!!Maximilian Niculescu!!! (10 Photos)
this are the pictures that I've made to my sewing machine in order to find out something about it!

Sew Handy? (0 Photos)
I need all the help I can get! I can make out faintly make out Handy on the machine head and on the coffin lid. I am wanting to say that this is a Standard Sewing Machine but I haven"t been able to find any information on the Sew Handy Treadle machine. Does anyone have one of these critters or have any information on Standard Treadles? Please Help me!

SLF2 and Other Lights and Bulbs (10 Photos)
These lights with the pin type contacts need special bulbs. I would like to thank John Langdon for the parts lists and help with this reference.

Singer 78-1 (5 Photos)
Singer Model 78-1 from around 1920. One from a run of 300 78 class machines that started in August 1919. This was my father's Upholstery Machine from about 1950 until 1978 when he replaced it with a compound feed consew.

New Cottage (1 Photos)

bartlett (4 Photos)

Sloan Ashland (4 Photos)
These are the pics I have describing the sloan-ashland sewing machine I have. Any help would be appreciated as to its origin.

Tom Finnegan

Singer 2 (3 Photos)

sansom treadle and unknown emblem (2 Photos)
I bought a generic manual on ebay with no sewing machine name on it, but it does have an emblem in the treadle plate. Does anyone recognize it? I have attached a photo of the treadle plate. I collect SM manuals and have found that it was common in the 1800's for sewing machine manufacturers that sold machines to dealers for badging by them (the dealers), and supplied them with generic manuals, to often put their (the manufacturers) emblem or name in the manual someplace. In this case the emblem is on the treadle plate.

The attachment manual that goes with it is for an Original-Victoria but I have not been able to find the name or manufacturer anyplace. I have also attached a photo of the machine. Also, where can I find a list of emblems for British and American machines. I have a couple websites for German machines but none for the others.

Dan's Wilcox and Gibbs (3 Photos)
Here are some photos of my Wilcox and Gibbs treadle sewing machine. I believe that it is a model 7. It was restored by my father before he passed on.

The serial number makes it about 1875 manufacture.

Pages from singer Book (4 Photos)
Attached are some photos from the Singer book. The cover doesn't seem to want to photograph or scan without looking like this...perhaps because of the texture of the cover. The photo of the "first practical" sewing machine is directly across from the in

Making Reproduction moulds (6 Photos)
These are some pictures I have taken showing my method of making replacement drawer decorations.

1) the only surviving original is placed in a box ready to have latex moulding compound applied.
2)The latex being applied
3)The completed mould on left with plaster backing and another being made right
4) post moulding treatments from l to r: straight out of the mould, flash removed,grit blasted to provide a key for the stain, complete ready for the job.

I used polyester casting resin tinted by mixing umber & a dash of mahogany colours. The final stain is a light mahogany rubbed into the resin to create & enhance the effect.

I am not known for taking short cuts in as much as I believe that the quality of the job is long remembered after the cost has been forgotten.

Any enquiries please email me.

Trevor Watson [greynomad@aapt.net.au]

Pages from singer catalogue (1 Photos)

Davis VF which model? (4 Photos)

Aviator (1 Photos)
Here's the aviator my husband just found for me. He's really into historic aviation and the joke with the family is that he's the only guy they know who can combine airplanes with sewing. Anyone with possible date and info on this machine--would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Margaret Stewart, Crestview, FL

an earlier Seidel&Naumann (5 Photos)
This is Mircea Radianu from Romania, here are the pictures I promised. Sorry it took so long, I just couldn't get the time to make them and hopefully they're small enough for you. This is my Seidel&Naumann and I'm proud of it :)

127/128 Singers and the decals and their respective names (2 Photos)
These are not sewing machine images. Someone posted a question about a tool and in my research I stumbled across these pages which have to do with the 127/128 Singers and the decals and their respective names. I thought it would be cool to post these since they are pulled from a Factory Singer Service Manual and not some independent article.

There has been debate over the source of the "naming" of the Early Singer decal designs, but I never saw an authoritive explanation. I'm hoping that if these haven't been posted or presented that these will end the debate.

Britannic machine - who was the maker? (5 Photos)

Alden (2 Photos)

White chainstitch (4 Photos)
can anyone tell Les Walsh about this machine please

singer 61w52 (1 Photos)

Singer photos, any history info welcome (2 Photos)

Ruths Singer (1 Photos)

Pictures for Rajean (3 Photos)

Hochschild & Kohn (4 Photos)

Peach (1 Photos)
I am looking for any information on this PEACH sewing machine.
Thanks, Margaret Kirwan [Ireland]

Sharon Funderburk’s Mosella Machine (9 Photos)

The machine has Pfaff stamped into the shuttle carrier
so I assume it was badged by them. Would like any info
as to Mosella name and possible year.

Rockford (2 Photos)

Cornelli machine for Jon Parker (3 Photos)
can anyone give Jon more information about this cornelli embroidery machine?

Politype (3 Photos)
can anyone identify this machine?

De Luxe DELUXE FAMILY SEWING MACHINE (Singer 15 CLone) (5 Photos)
Distributed by Revill Sewing Machines Brisbane Queensland Australia.
Converted from electric to treadle 2008, as the original cabinet sustained heavy water damage during a move 4 years ago and was unrepairable. The treadle is a singer original but I have kept the head (1912 Singer 15 model, very worn and frozen when picked up, now moves freely) for further attention and to preserve it.
No wear to decals on this clone, just 2 minor scratches on the arm. Appears to have had either little or no use in its life. The people I purchased it from were not even aware that there was a machine in the cabinet.

Domestic (5 Photos)
Domestic treadle. Any info on this would be appreciated.

Boye Needle, Shuttle & Bobbin Tin (1 Photos)
Needle or Shuttle is selected with the pointer, then the cover is slid open

Cinderella!?! and the General (12 Photos)
Little Beauty I found and can't find any info. and I've added pics of the "old" General

Jan's Machines (0 Photos)

Fiatelli machine (9 Photos)

Mother's Singer (1 Photos)
Subject: ID of Mother's Singer
Iam looking for information on how to thread the bobbin
As suggested, I'm attaching a picture of my mother's sewing machine ( image #1) and some more information from the machine itself.

1. There is a # 403A above the stitch selection.
2. On the left underside is: Singer Sewing Machine Co.
Elizabeth, NJ
3. Floor Pedal model #60812
4. Then some 30 patent #'s

Thank you for any and all help.
Jan Everett

ISMACS - Charlotte, NC 2003 (46 Photos)
Gone with the Wind dinner

W&W Treadle Base (4 Photos)
Wheeler and Wilson treadle base, located in Monroe, NY (Orange County)

singer old and ornate (12 Photos)
hears an old beauty

29-4 singer (10 Photos)
leather patcher

champion universal (8 Photos)
looking for any info on this machine

Marc Beauregard (4 Photos)
Sewing Machin ID

Yellow badged Vickers (5 Photos)
This machine is lemon yellow and labeled "British Sewing Machines LLD" made in Britain. Series 7000. It takes an Organ needle 130/705H

Chinese Sewing Machine (5 Photos)
This sewing machine was purchased at auction at the "Splendid China" Theme Park liquidation. I have no idea about it at all. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it!!

Mona's Machine (7 Photos)
Machines I am seeking information on.

Singer 309K Help!! (13 Photos)
Looking for any information on this machine. Passed to me from great grandmother.

Alden 160BB (7 Photos)
Seeking info on manufacturer of zig zag machine marketed by Alden as Model 160BB Made in Japan.

Betsy Ross Treadle Machine (5 Photos)
can't find out ANYTHING!

holes in cabinet lid (1 Photos)

International Money Orders (2 Photos)
U.S. Postal Service does not sell international money orders to be redeemed in Great Britain.

petes toy box (5 Photos)
various old singers, a seamstress(national)

Phyl's Machine (22 Photos)
Photos of my sewing machines.

Piper Christian's Kingston (10 Photos)
These are photographs of my Kingston sewing machine. I don't know ANYTHING about it because my husband bought it for me at a garage sale. All I know is that it's in EXCELLENT condition. Any information on it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for lo

Caroline's Sewing Machines (11 Photos)
Some of my evergrowing Machine collection.

Imperial Kenmore Rotary-Serial #59X6983 (8 Photos)
Can anyone tell me the model#, date of manufacture, who manufactured it and where I can get a manual and attachments for this gem. It's in a California style cabinet which I think is original to the machine. RACHEL

Robin's National Eldredge (6 Photos)
Pictures of a family vintage machine recently acquired.

Feldman Hatmaking Machine (7 Photos)
Looking for parts for my machine

Seidel&Naumann 1900 (3 Photos)
Old and good working condition Seidel&Naumann

Vickers Sewing Machine Photographs (6 Photos)
These are photographs of a Vickers Sewing Machine that I recently purchased. I would very much like to know about the item's history if anyone should have knowledge of it.

National/Internation machines (7 Photos)
These are motorized shuttle machines, Featherweight size, with a brown crinkle finish. There are no manufacture's marks, other than Hamilton Beach on the motors. They are in wooden bases and had a grey suitcase type carry case.

Mystery Handcrank (4 Photos)
Does anyone know what make this machine is?

Nirmal handcrank (4 Photos)
Has anyone ever heard of this brand? My brother's theory is that it was made in India. He says the machining, casting and paint work look similar to generators he has seen made in India

Kimball & Moreton Herberling (1 Photos)
This photo was on the cover of an ISMACS Mag - the machine was auctioned at the Elstree Convention. I found one like it (not nearly as nice) and would appreciate any information on it.

swissmiss (0 Photos)
Teri's Domestic Rotary Treadle

New Home Ruby and Treadle Cabinet (12 Photos)
She followed us home for $60.00! I need sone help figuring out how the machine head stays up in the cabinet. I also need help figuring out how old she is.

1945-1949 White Rotary Model 43 help! power/controller cord (4 Photos)
I have a 1945-1949 (dated by Husqvarna-Viking) White Rotary model 43 Godzilla in a smart Queen Anne leg cabinet that I bought at a charity shop. For safety reasons, the cord had been cut, so I need to replace it. The female end (that plugs into the motor) is 1 1/8 inch long by 9/16 wide, with 3 holes. The holes are not evenly spaced - two are closer together. It is also a rectangle, not like the oval shape on ebay.

The recess on the motor side is shallow, so the oval might work, but I would like to try and locate a correct cord first because it mounts to the inside of the cabinet for the knee controller.

Does anyone know if a compatible cord, or a re-wire-able replacement female end is available?


Trudy Lockhart's sewing machines (0 Photos)

beth's 2 pride and joy (0 Photos)
private collection of singer machines

Yassen's (9 Photos)
New Home sewing machine and accessories

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