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Saralyn's Gift Ideas
Pictures of Gifts I've made
10 Photos - Page : [1]

Fleece "Quillows".jpg

Quillows and Pillows
I made fleece "quillows" for nieces and nephews for Christmas 2000. For one niece, I made an orange one with a black C (her HS colors). For one nephew, I made a Veggie Tales one (fabric from Walmart). I was amazed to find YLI serger yarn that matched the aqua fleece exactly. All the blankets and pillows are edged on the serger with YLI serger yarn in both loopers. Another nephew got a cow one. Pillows to match. when you cut the square for the pocket on the blanket, there are two squares left. I put WS together, serged three sides, inserted the pillow, and serged the last side closed.

M&Ms nightgown.jpg

M&Ms nightgown
Here's the flannel nightgown I made for SIL for her birthday. I used ribbing for the neck and cuffs, and hemmed the bottom using 2 wooly nylon threads in a balanced stitch. The WN on the front was varigated primary colors. It's from an out-of-print McCalls pattern, but it should be pretty easy to replicate. Just make sure the neck hole is big enough to go over your head! Then you add the ribbing to that to keep you warm. This nightie is huge, but with flannel nightgowns, better too big than too small.

Portable Flannel Board.jpg

Flannel Board with pocket for shapes
Here's a picture of a portable flannel board that I made for party favors for DD's 2nd birthday. Luckily, there were only 2 guests . The outside is denim, and in the inside, there is one side with felt, and one side with a big pocket for flannel/felt shapes. I free-form cut some triangles, circles, clouds, some grass (a rectangle with fringe), etc. Enough stuff to make a picture with.

Postcard Packets--closed.jpg

Postcard Packets
This came from Carol Parks's book, "Terrific Totes and Carryalls. They are sized to carry postcards on a trip. The left one is made in a crazy kind of log cabin design, and the right one matches a travel vest I made for my mom.

Postcard Packets--open.jpg

Postcard Packets from the inside
Here's the inside view. There's a big pocket for postcards, and a shorter one that's divided into two parts for stamps and address labels or business cards. Down the center is a spot to put a pen. The moose print on the left one is kind of an inside joke--my friend has elk wandering her yard on a regular basis . The pen in the right one was expensive (for a pen, I thought), but it has a cute pewter cat at the top.

My Retreat Accomplishments.jpg

Here are several nightgowns I whipped up one weekend at a friend's house. I think I made 4, along with a denim jumper and a fleece vest. They have ribbing at neck and cuffs, and I used 2 wooly nylon colors for the hems. Quick and easy!

Denim Bibs.jpg

Denim Bibs
These bibs both have snap closures, and I copied the pattern from bibs I owned. The bib on the left is a copy of an Osh Kosh denim bib--bias binding. The one on the right is a copy of the Nordstrom bib I saw--$20! Not as quick, but very cute! And NOT $20!!


Both of these are very simple. I traced bibs that I owned for patterns. The left one snaps, and the right one is a single layer of fabric with bias tape edging.


Christmas Tree Skirt
I made this tree skirt as a bridal shower gift for my niece. I used a Simplicity pattern, some fabric from my stash, and some that I bought new. I ignored the instructions , and it came out wonderfully! The back is the dark green with gold stars, the same as the binding.


Christmas Stockings
I made these stockings for a bridal shower gift for my niece and her fiance. I used the same 8 fabrics as the tree skirt, and the white cuff has gold stars on it. There is warm and natural batting in the front and back. I used it as a base for the piecing on the fronts. The backs and linings are the same green with gold stars fabric as the back of the tree skirt.
I did the names using Corel Draw! lettering. I printed it out in reverse, then traced it onto Wonder Under, ironed it onto the fabric, and cut the letters out. Then I ironed the letters onto the cuff. Hopefully, these won't need to be washed!
10 Photos - Page : [1]

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