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15 Photos - Page : [1] [2]

My Twinn Sweatshirt.jpg

Morrisey 82304
I purchased 2 sweatshirts (Hane's Her Way for Girls) at $Tree ($2) - I purchased the largest size available and removed all hems/seams except for the arm seams. I re-used the tag and the ribbing (in the neck). I used the arms to make matching sweat pants.

Fall Fest 2004 Poodle Skirt.jpg

NL 0604
those specks on the skirt are not lint - they are glitter specks in the felt - DD loved it! The leash has rinestones in it and adds extra sparkle. DD wears a 7/8 right now - I made this a size 10 with size 8 length so it would wear a little longer. Poodle made by Wright's found in WM trim section. I plan to make one for "Jenny" (MT) as well.

Sleep Pants.jpg

New Look 6931
Sleep pants - Size 4 - perfect size RIGHT NOW - I have another pair almost finished and will cut the size 5 length next time for growing. Made of soft and cozy, construction flannel. I have finally got this waistband down. Used stitch length 3 and it was just right!

Santa 2003.jpg

This is typical Jared. He isn't one for having any type of professional pictures taken. Wasn't sewing related at all but was too funny not to share! Looks like he was just told he was getting coal for Christmas and Emilie is trying not to laugh. Oh well, it was the best of 3.

Twinn Raincoat.jpg

Morrisey Pattern #87104
Ribbed yellow vinyl (remnant) with cotton lining (from stash!) also yellow FOE around neck and coat opening - the lining has the words to "You Are My Sunshine". I was winging it on the lining - all in all it looks ok - still needs snaps. Hat, boots and dress to come.

Princess Emilie.jpg

Really like this pattern. Plan on making a few for other princesses I know. Don't know what is up with the goofy smile day!

My Princess and her Ladies in Waiting.jpg

Harvest Day 2003
Pattern is a McCall's. It went together very easily. The hat was similar to something we saw at a pricey bookstore. Emilie's bestfriend who really loves dress up told Emilie she wouldn't mind if I made her one for her BDay! Emilie won 2nd place as "Most Beautiful". First place was also hand made and truly deserved to win! Just gorgeous - caroler from "A Christmas Carol".

Jenny in undies.jpg

Morrisey 74304
Poor child came to our house w/o any undies! Stash to the rescue - DD chose pink flannel backed satin and pink stretch elastic. We also made a set for a surprise for DD's best friend.

MT camisole & panties.jpg

Morrisey 74304
This is the 2nd set I made tonight. DD picked out a flannel backed satin for the set and the lace was perfect. The instructions in the Morrisey patterns are very good. The pattern called for turning under and hemming. I skipped this and used stretch elastic. Instead of using the Morrisey instructions I stitched up one shoulder and attached the stretch lace around the neck. Then stitched up the other shoulder, attached the lace on both arms, and stitched up the sides. Finally, I added the stretch lace to the bottom. I left a small length (1/4" or so) at the beginning and when I came back to the beginning I folded it over and stitched over it so that no raw ends were showing.


DS Construction/Emergency Vehicle vallance

MT Robe.jpg

Morrisey 74404
This was a very easy pattern. I did not line mine since it was out of polar fleece. I did insert the belt loops in the side seams rather than attatch them to the outside of the robe. If I made this again I would make the robe longer.

MT Hane's Sweats.jpg

Morrisey 82304(shirt) 72104 (pants)
I was able to get both pieces out of a girls 10/12 sweatshirt that I found for $1 at $Tree. The pants are made out of the arms of the sweatshirt. I left the seams in tack and laid my pattern on top of the arms. I had to cut the crotch and the length (the angle of the sleeve hem wasn't right for the pants). I put one leg inside of the other and sewed the crotch seam. For the waist I cut a piece of sport elastic in half and stitched it through as usual. The fit of these is great! I am looking for more sweatshirts! What a fun project with terrific results.
15 Photos - Page : [1] [2]

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